Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have now included a complete walkthrough file (Download it at the right side of this panel).

However if you find it complicated, you can ask for more info here.

Keep in mind that one puzzle is randomly generated on each new game,
so you cannot cheat!


  1. I have a ring with paint on, a flashlight (already used once) and a coin. I'm totally stuck now, having been at it for two hours--any help with getting batteries for the calculator, or whatever that needs doing next?

  2. If you have the coin, then you already have the key for the chain. Just unlock the chain, open the drawer and look inside for the batteries you need.

  3. I have ring code,calculator code, flashlight and coin and seen paper in cd case. can't figure out the next step. clicked on everything i could find. what am I missing?

  4. [I know the equation Casio x3 + (Ring)- computer]I cant understand how to decifer the ring is to the 9th power. is that a crown? does not make sence?

  5. is the equation: 168x3+Sqroot 9 to 9th power (or 2nd power - 97 (or 27)= answer [is thatr a 2 or 9]

  6. Wait just a minute. You got me a bit confused.

    The equation is pretty much obvious, and goes like this:

    Password = (Casio clue)*3 + (chess king clue)to 2nd power - (usb clue) + (ring clue)to square root.

    The casio clue is randomly generated at every new game.

    The usb clue is pretty obvious.

    The ring clue is enscripted in Latin on the ring after you remove the dye from it.

    The chess king clue is the less straightforward to find. Begin from the king on the chessboard, and just follow the clues until they lead you to a number.

    If you need more help, I can send you a complete walkthrough at your email.

  7. Thank My friend That clears a lot up. was not sure if the number on the usb and the crown in the equation was a 9 or a 2 the upper looked closed. B.T.W. nice job on the game thankyou.

  8. about the king. The clues state (1) your looking for the king to light your path (2) find the answers at the outermost white circle.
    Is the king the tent or the lying down indian? and how do you get the number. I tied the flashlight, coin. the tent I looked at the book to see if the triangles had significence. I'm kind of stuck. I dont want to get the walkthrough I love these hard puzzles just not sure if i'm looking in the wrong place

  9. You just need to find the outermost white circle.

    You're not looking for the king, you already met him.

  10. Smack my head. Never thought to look there. That was fun. Nice job on the game. I felt like I was playing myst again.

  11. Thanks, and thank you for trying it!

  12. I can only say they don't make games like that nowdays.
    Thanx for a real mind challenging experience!

    *greeks only
    Poly kalo file mou to xarhka st'alh8eia, perimenoume to epomeno!!

  13. sorry.....I'm italian and it's a little bit difficult to understand the king clue to obtain the number. Can you help me, please ? :(